Alienworks was formed in late 2012 by a group of volunteers from the visual novels subreddit. Since then, we’ve gone on to work on The Human Reignition Project and now Highway Blossoms.

Although many of the core Alienworks staff are working on Highway Blossoms, we’ve also contacted many talented people to assist us. The staff for this particular project includes:

Josh Kaplan – Producer/Writer

Syon Santeria – Scenario/Writer

Auric Orange – Editor

Kevin Turner – Programmer/Misc.

Shiyun – Sprite Artist/CG Artist/Character Designer

Raemz (Weee) – CG Artist

Rosuuri – CG Artist

Myuto – Character Designer/Coloring

Badriel – Backgrounds

Jake Abernathie – Musician

Anna Logue – Musician

We are proud to be published by Sekai Project. We are privileged to use the Ren’Py engine.