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Hey, and welcome to the official site for Alienwork’s new yuri visual novel, Highway Blossoms!

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I’m Syon, one of the two writers working on Highway Blossoms. I wrote the scenario and outline for HB, and now me and my co-writer, Josh, are working on writing up all the scenes. I also work on The Human Reignition Project where I’m the writer working on Setsuna’s route. Hi.

This is going to be the first entry in a series of blog posts Josh and I will be typing up for this site. From now, until Highway Blossoms releases, we’ll be talking about characters, the setting, random thoughts regarding devving, showing off assets, and pretty much anything else related to the development process. Unlike the blog for The Human Reignition Project, this is gonna be our personal playpen and we’ll be updating quite regularly.

For those of you who don’t know, Highway Blossoms is the second visual novel we here at Alienworks are in the process of making. The first being the thing mentioned above, The Human Reigntion Project. We recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for it and also released a demo, so check that out if you’re interested in seeing more of our work.

Highway Blossoms takes place in the American Southwest (Not Midwest. Sorry, Josh) during a modern gold rush of sorts, sparked by the discovery of a long dead miner’s journal and the cryptic clues inside it that lead to his hidden treasure. Amber, our viewpoint character, couldn’t care less, though, as she’s currently driving through the desert, mourning the loss of recently deceased grandfather in the motorhome she inherited from him. Not too long into her journey, she comes across Marina, a girl who’s car broke down on the side of the road in the Chihuahuan desert, and like the rest of the country, is also looking for the elusive treasure. From there, things start looking up for Amber.

With that, I think this is a great opportunity to give more insight to our main character. So without further adieu–Amber.


Too serious for her own good, there’s a quiet sort of cynicism to Amber. She’s always been like this, but the death of her grandfather, who she affectionately called “Gramps,” has emphasized these traits, causing her to become very detached in her mourning. Fueled by coffee and Gramps’ old cassette tapes that she plays on a constant loop, Amber is taking her time as she makes her way out to California for a music festival in Palm Springs. Having been raised by her eccentric grandfather, she spent most of her childhood traveling around the midwestern United States with him in the very motorhome she inherited. With Gramps getting up there in age, they settled down, but he always talked about starting up again, this time in the Southwest. Unfortunately, he died before that could happen. Now left alone with two tickets to the music festival that Gramps’ bought before his death, Amber has taken it upon herself to do it herself. This trip is in his honor.

Well, that just about does her for now. We’ll be coming up here again real soon, where we’ll talk about our second heroine, Marina. Thanks for reading!


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